Inside every Adolescent . . . . .

there is a hero – who can save the world by himself ,

a villain – who destroys himself,

an innocent – who is clueless of what’s happening,

a joker – who entertains the crowd,

an introvert – who keeps it all within him,

an extrovert – who hides nothing even if the listener is disinterested. All these characters are seen or you might have experienced in your adolescence, but “why are they so extreme ? ” – is the billion dollar question.

The reason is here, these young champs don’t know the world outside their characters.They just live the way they want to, what we actually are’nt doing.They don’t know the depth of their characters.Their thoughts are so powerful and have no boundaries.When I say no boundaries, I mean it … !!

When they sing a song,they feel that it is as good as AR Rahman, when they replace an old bulb with a new one, they are no less than Thomas Elva Edison. when they offer a crocin to their grandmother, they feel that they are just one step away to be a doctor.

Teenagers often are very self-absorbed and even see themselves as the star in their own play or movie. They REALLY and TRULY believe everyone is watching them. This phenomenon can manifest in feeling incredibly vulnerable and exposed…or in feeling special and invincible…quite possibly all within the same hour.They believe that they are the ONLY ones to have EVER gone through what they are experiencing…whether that is good or bad. They are SPECIAL.

A boy in teenage would always wait for a moment to prove himself a hero and a girl awaits for a hero to propose her.Even adolescents have attitude problems you know ?.. yes you heard me right .. !! For a boy attitude is not to propose a girl first and for a girl attitude is to reject the guy who proposed her. LOL.Adolescence is much trickier than it actually looks.

These are wonderful memories that one can remember through out their life, if somebody asks you ” when did you feel like a hero/ heroine ? ” we just have one answer , ” When i was a Teen”. if somebody who is not a teenager and still feels that they are heroes, then i would better leave it to their personal discretion :p

If every teenager was asked to author his own story, then they would definitely be more heroic than Iron man and batman, much funnier than  Big bang theory and much complicated that Einstein’s theory of relativity.So teenagers are those smart, brave and tougher citizens of the society.Handle them with lot of care and love for a better future 🙂

would love to end this article with a quote by Aidan Chambers

When you are in your teenage years you are consciously experiencing everything for the first time, so adolescent stories are all beginnings. There are never any endings.


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