The Mismatch of life . . !!


Every person on this planet, at some point in time, feels that he/she is MISMATCHED. It might be in a relationship OR a job OR at college OR in the society he lives.We have expectations on everyone and from everything, but as “Destiny” is a horrible villain that devastate most of our lives, our expectations may not come true in reality.When these expectations are not met, we label such persons, things or places as a “MISMATCH” in our brain. These Mismatches are so terrible ( funny) that, sometimes even if you get something better than what you expect,still it would be a Mismatch.

Both the parents are doctors but their 14-year old kid wants to be a Rock star .. !! – what’s unacceptable here ? Professions need not be inherent, good deeds will also do.It’s just a Mismatch label that parents have.

Husband is so aggressive in nature and his wife is a cool-headed person ..!! – This is may be for his own good.

Software Engineer by profession but deep down in his heart he loves to be a kick boxer ..!! – Go with your passion,money follows.

If somebody feels that their society is not accepting what everywhere else is accepted, and if they think that they are mismatched, it’s absolutely wrong !! you can always be the first one to give a start unless it is some illegal activity.if somebody feels that your parents are not understanding you, and hence you feel that you are mismatched,then that is not a Mismatch, it shows how poor your convincing skills are.

A Life partner MISMATCH is the common label that everybody have in their minds.People are so busy that, they are happy to have such a label in their mind rather than understanding their partners.But the truth is no relationship is a MISMATCH, that is just a label that we create when we don’t meet our expectations.I’m not telling you to put yourself into their shoes all the time and compromise on your happiness but do give a try what your partner is interested in, who knows you may end up falling in love with their interests,hobbies or the way they live.

Nobody here, have an instinctive style or a set of habits by birth, we adopt them from our neighborhood and the way we are nourished.Then it is NO bad to give a try what your partner likes.If she wants you to dress up like a spiderman or a superman just give a try that might suit you well than your daily wear :p It is no wrong to live like a person who is important for you instead of having a preconceived notion that you are mismatched.Even if you are quite opposite in nature and take opposite directions,and travel for days, still you meet each other at the other side of the globe, the super natural power that exists want to convey that no two people are completely different.They have something in common, that is more than enough to avoid a MISMATCH if u wish to.

We might dream about being a Cricketer , a musician or a Writer but our parents might not want us to be the same.It will be super awesome if u can prove that you fit into your dream role better than their commercial roles, Which portrays you as “Yourself” in this society rather than a product of so and so,with a Mismatch label in your head OR Contrasting that, you can also accustom yourself to your parents dream roles and still remove the “MISMATCH” label.

Wastage is disposed from every living and non living thing on this planet.Electronics are of no use after their lifetime, today’s newspaper is tomorrow’s waste paper, just like this even our Soul disposes waste in the form of Ego,Annoyance,Greed, jealousy we just forget to clean them before hand and they lead to Mismatch labels.Hope you all know how to drain them out :).

Impersonate like Sherlock Holmes, start finding the Mismatch labels in your head and start destroying them from today.There is no “Mismatch” that actually exists, every “MISMATCH” can turn into a “PERFECT MATCH” with love and observation to detail.



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