Yes! Today i wish to write about some drama in our lives. The drama that never ends. The drama that a daughter plays to turn around things in the house, a drama that a son plays to get his pocket-money on time, a drama that a sister plays to teach a lesson to the little brother, a drama that the elder sibling plays with the little one to keep his/her secrets safe , a drama that a wife plays to grab her husband’s attention, a drama that an employee plays with his boss for leaves, a drama a student plays to escape assignments and bunk the school no matter what the drama is, who the characters are; we should admit that drama is a part of our life and will be a part. Either you run the show or you fall prey for it.

it’s interesting to see all this drama in your life not because they are fun but they also have  lot of emotions. so where and why does this drama start ? Drama is everywhere and for the question ‘why?’ i will enlighten you all with a scientific definition that i figured out  for drama ;).

Drama is nothing but an involuntary action ( that involves Anger,joy, depression,love, sarcasm, praising etc)  that takes place when you don’t want to hurt somebody but still want to win over the person who disagrees with you over an opinion or action. pheww …finally this is it ? a scientific definition ? i hope so. 😀

For Example; your sibling and you are in the hallway watching TV and both of you are equally distant from a refrigerator. One of them asks the other to get some water for him/her and the other has all the right in the world to say a No and yea off course he/she says a No because  after all who wants to be slave in the 21st century :p. Then there will be an argument between the two for no reason and ends in no result. Then here begins the drama, ” May be i should have asked you more politely, i thought you are my loving brother who is always there to help me out in my life, i did not expect you denying me a glass of water!” The very next moment he/she gets a glass of water and there are smiles all around :D. What a miracle right ? The same brother, the same time ? what made it different ? yea! you got it right it’s the drama that made the change but you might say that it’s the tone that would have made the difference ..oh yea you are right but in this particular situation only. This is just one emotion among many drams. Nobody knows when it takes birth but most of the times it’s fruitful. Drama is considered as a negative word but infact a drama brings people together no matter how worst it is but still people think about each other.

So the point is; Drama influences people to think over their actions or decisions again, they help convincing people as they have an emotional touch.In fact they act as a catalyst to improve relations in a family, they get a chance to speak out their heart and improve the environment around them. Though it has a negative side as well; where there is a chance of betrayal,so people have to be careful with strangers :p

Drama – play it but don’t live it





The fancy term that everybody would like to be called as, is “Leader”. When i say that a plethora of individuals would like to be a leader, then obviously there should be something immense about it. But what is so great about it ? why does everybody want to be one ? The answer is simple; because people presume that a leader has good following (u can say celeb status), everybody likes him/her and everybody works for him. So, is that it all in short ? This is why people want to be leaders ? Seriously ? This is the general perception that i had come across.


But before we jump to conclusions, let’s spend some time to think about the same.When it comes to work, people assume that everybody works for him and a leader does nothing, but people ignore the fact that “A Leader’s job is to get the job done” which implies that he is doing everything. Yes, a leader is treated as a celebrity because he takes the limelight, talks to all the people  and is the common point of contact in a group. But the question is who made him one ?? Are they not these people who are willing to be leaders ? So, if they are forgoing the chance to be a leader and accepting someone else then he deserves to be a leader.That’s my point, people want to be leaders but there is something that differentiates individuals, I will try to highlight what qualities does a leader should  have, in this article.

I do not agree with the words that “few people are born leaders “, leaders are not born they are made. The influence of his/her brought up plays a crucial role in shaping a leader within him/her. There is a high chance that people with great observation power can be leaders given the fact that they are bold enough to speak up for their people/group/their problems. Nobody can be a leader if he/she does not speak up for themselves and their team, because it’s the basic quality that one needs. A leader is formed for a purpose, there is no leader without a purpose. People trust him that he can drive them or lead them to meet their common purpose conversely people with same purpose follows a leader to meet their goals.The size of the group one leads will not  matter when he/she has the required abilities. A leader is not the one with a personal agenda, they are made for greater good. They look beyond self, they work for communities or groups.

A leader can make his mark strongly if he posses oratory skills, as communication is one of the most essential quality of a leader. Leaders need to keep themselves down to earth, that is how he can keep a greater connect with his fellow beings.

There is a cause and effect phenomenon when we talk about leadership qualities, there are many attributes that defines a leader. For instance, the quality that makes a huge difference between a leader to leader is the way his/her approach towards his/her followers, problems,conflicts and crisis situations. The approach might be firm or gentle, this is what creates the aura around him. Many leaders have  a dilemma whether to go by heart or do the math of benefits before they act, but frankly speaking every leader in the world has his own math of things and people around him. It might sound unpleasant but they have to do it or else they cannot stay on the top. It is not about just being on the top but they should also live up to the expectations of their supporters. Mahatma Gandhi had afford to lose Bhagath Singh, not because he does not like him but he thought that purpose is more important than individuals. Individuals may come and go but the purpose will not change, his duty is to lead his followers or his country men to the glory of freedom. “Freedom is the purpose and rest all are born for the purpose”.

Leadership is a great influence of a person on others to lead them for a goal. Leadership is not about just being strong but to transfer the same strength for protecting the weak, the suffering and the neglected by maintaining justice and rightness, this makes him chivalrous. A leader should have perseverance , compassion and commitment for his purpose and team.

“Leaders become great, not because of their power but because  of their abilities to                                                                                     empower others” – John Maxwell